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Gunjur radio Janneh koto FM is a private owned radio station located at Gunjur, Kombo south western region The  Gambia . This radio station was opened and started broadcasting in April 2008, with the objectives of providing better local communications, boost development, fight rural poverty, and to bridge the gab between generations, providing a forum for cultural exchange in communities, cultures and local communities and the advocacy of democracy.The aim of Gunjur radio Janneh koto FM is to provide public broadcasting, providing means of education, self expression and communication, promoting community's history, oral traditions and music. We intend to enhance ways and means through information that will help local people to overcome poverty, opportunities for face-to-face discussions and debates.The radio will bring opportunities for communities to learn new skills, tell stories, discuss livelihood and family welfare issues, discuss social programmes and debate local issues. This dynamic exchange will provide an on-air forum in which community members will feel they are part of a larger group and gain a greater voice in decision-making issues that concern them.

Imam Seedy Ali  Janneh


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Gunjur radio Janneh koto FM's communication and information initiative is to reach farmers and rural communities, government officials, researchers, policy-makers and international organisations.


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